After COVID-19, opportunities for Sri Lanka tourism and property

The Pandemiconomic Impact: Insights from ACCA finance professionals Sri Lanka’s tourism and real estate face uncertain futures. They are among the hardest hit by the economic fallout due to the global COVID-19 outbreak. The recovery will be long drawn as is painful. This is because…

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SL Real Estate to bounce back in 6-12 months

Sri Lanka’s real estate sector which is expected to take a major blow due to COVID- 19 pandemic is likely to return to normal in another 6- 12 months’ time owing to Sri Lanka’s Government’s continuous efforts in controlling the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, Chairman…

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Developers confident Sri Lanka Real Estate will regain momentum

Sri Lanka’s construction sector which ranks as the 5th highest in the nations GDP earnings, after Services, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Utilities reports continued interest from local and international buyers as the industry gears towards returning to construction in a COVID-19 affected world. The current pandemic…

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White house steps make in to Sri Lanka ‘US Real estate’

“Sri Lanka occupies some very important real estate in the Indo-Pacific region, and it’s a country of increasing strategic importance in the Indian Ocean region”.US National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien with President Trump That’s how U.S. State Department’s Deputy Assistant Secretary Alice Wells officially…

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