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MASSAR BRIGGS is emerging as the leading Property Group in Sri Lanka; a One-Stop-Shop for all real estate property matters.

We know to be number one, we need to be number one for service and value to our growing list of clients both local and international.

Why? Because our Core Business Objective is to Help You Gain Value, Profit or Wealth from Sri Lanka’s Property Market. One of the best ways to create or gain wealth or ensure your family’s financial security is in property. We service sellers, and cashed-up buyers and we also assist aspirational buyers who require financial property loans.


Our Specialised Services at MASSAR BRIGGS is to bridge Property Sellers with Property Buyers/Investors.


We Provide:

1) Real Estate Property Sales and Leaseholds; and, for those who need financial assistance to purchase a property,
2) Mortgage Brokerage – a free service whereby we link a potential property buyer with the right financial institution offering the best loans available for the purchase of property.


Our Aim At MASSAR BRIGGS is Simple:

We provide Excellent Client-Focused Service to Negotiate or Broker the Best Property deals for you. We have the necessary expertise and experience; giving our clients the re-assurance and peace-of-mind they are being well serviced by a dedicated professional team. WE BELIEVE in continuously aiming to be the Best Service Providers of Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage in a One-Stop-Shop for Property Buyers, Investors and Sellers; this gives Massar Briggs an edge over the competition and can only benefit you as our client.

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